About Us

About Us

Website Name: The Nigeria Press
Website Address: TheNigeriaPress.com.ng
Publisher Name: Media King Global Merchant .
EMail: [email protected]

Phone: +2348062867011

Launch date: Nov 1, 2022

What we do:

We are a top newspaper with wide reach. We report local and national news, politics, metro, business, entertainment, sports and opinions.

Our Vision:

To be a leading light in the media industry by ensuring timely and unique contents.

Our target:

* To be a platform to visit when the news is breaking

* To use our platform to check societal oppression, injustice and other ills through objective report, analysis and investigation.

* To hold governments and policymakers accountable on issues that concern the masses

* To entertain and enlighten the public on trending/topical issues

* To push for political stability using the vehicle of factual reportage.

Our major focus:

• Keep reports simple.

• Be clear in presentation.

• News must be educative, entertaining and informative.

Our target audience:

Upwardly mobile Nigerians


Sports enthusiasts


The government

Advocates/civil societies

Our main categories:






Headline news

Always click this link to read more >>> https://thenigeriapress.com.ng/about-us/

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